Luxx 200w LED Bar

Luxx 200w LED Bar

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LUXX 200W LED BAR 200-277V 80% RED (HGC906351)
LUXX 200W LED BAR 200-277V 90% RED (HGC906352)


The Luxx 200W LED Bar is designed and built using top quality components including top bin diodes that produce a plant loving Veg Spectrum. The 200w LED Bar form factor is adaptive to any cultivation environment by being able to select your wattage and footprint. The 200w LED Bars can be run in single stacked, multi-stacked, or a greenhouse grow setting. The modular design allows you to customize and scale up your 200w LED Bar system to fit your operation needs.

The 80R spectrum provides a full spectrum with maximum red photon content. The blue-green balance supports healthy plant morphology and enables an improved working environment and improved visual inspection for growers.

The 90R spectrum is a high efficiency, blue-red spectral combination specifically designed for stacked grow architectures. In the vegetative growth phase the 90R spectrum achieves healthy, fast growing plants with shorter stature perfect for stacked growth.

  • 10ft 240V (HGC906341) and 277V (HGC906342) cords, connectors, and splitters SOLD SEPARATELY
  • 1 bar
  • ETL Listed
  • Modular design
  • Mounts to Unistrut
  • Bar bracket (HGC906320) SOLD SEPARATELY, strongly recommended to provide a fully modular fixture to fit both 4’ and 5’ footprints. One kit includes two brackets.
  • Configure a 200W, 400W, 600W, 800W, or 1000W
  • Available in 80% red or 90% red
  • All in one design
  • Plug & Play
  • 5-year warranty
  • 13.4” 5-Pin daisy chain cable*
    • 208V = 15 Bars
    • 220V = 16 Bars
    • 240V = 17 Bars


As you may know, Hawthorne Gardening Company recently acquired the Luxx brand. Since that time, HGC has been undertaking a comprehensive assessment of all Luxx products as we onboard them into our portfolio. It has come to our attention that the Luxx 645W and 860W LED fixtures were mistakenly labeled as IP66 certified and have not been verified for that rating.