The Luxx brand is no longer available as of December 31, 2022.

In our hearts, the growers, the grinders, the change agents, the challengers and the industry vets, will always shine bright. Thank you for your support and encouragement all these years. While the Luxx brand may fade, we hope that our impact on the industry has been positive and stands the test of time. Again, thank you.

The Luxx Team

About Warranty Support

Luxx products will still be available at retail locations while supplies last. We will continue to provide product and warranty support. Please contact us at (888) 509-1088.

For Luxx Customers in Australia and Oceania

Rootz Distribution Pty Ltd has acquired the right to the LUXX trademark and brand rights in the Australia and Oceania region. For Luxx customers in Australia and Oceania, please visit